The festival idea

SEEFF à Berlin creates a platform for cultural exchange with South East Europe. Therefore film productions from 15 different countries, such as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Cyprus, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey are being presented in order to focus on a region, where Europe and it's ideals are constantly questioned and in discussion.

Film as a medium allows a ruthless but also poetical insight of the reality and society life of these participating countries. Local film makers reflect on the peoples living conditions and the life scheme in their country of origin.

As part of the festival there will be a symposium on the 28. of May. 
Based on the shown films those involved in culture, cultural politicians, citizens from the involved countries as well as notable scientists of national and international universities, will discuss the possibilities and difficulties of creating a European network based on the idea of „Films without borders“. Experiences with boundless networking on a cultural basis will also be shared and discussed in this symposium.

A Street-Food-Market offers specialities of the partaking countries, giving festival visitors the opportunity of experiencing South East Europe in a culinary way.

SEEFF à Berlin cooperates with the Filmfestival  SEEFF à Paris which was founded 5 years ago. Harald Siebler, director, producer and festival director of SEEFF à Berlin, together with his team and Jordan Plevnes, writer, president of ESRA (University of audiovisual arts (Paris - Skopje - New York) and former ambassador of Macedonia in France and the honorary president Yves Boisset, director and screen writer, and their team, choose from over 1000 submitted films.

From the 26. - 29. May 16 films out of 15 different countries will be shown at co-operating cinemas. In collaboration with the Humboldt - University Berlin, crossborder factory and other co-operation partners, movie members offers a general program with symposia, workshops, music, culinary art and other events around and in the university area.

The opening ceremony will take place on Thursday, 26th of May 2016 at 6 pm at the „Kinosaal“ of the Humboldt-University. The closing ceremony will take place on Sunday, 29th of May at 6 pm also at the „Kinosaal“ and is followed up by the closing party in „Roadrunners Paradies“ (Gewerbehof in der alten Königsstadt, Saarbrücker Str. 24, 10405 Berlin) starting at 7 pm accompanied by a live band and DJ SOKO and DJ TAGADA.

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